Carbon steel tubes

Cold calibrated and welded steel tubes for precision applications. According to standard EN 10305-3/-5 and Supply condition +CR1/+CR2.

Precision applications

Gonvarri Precision Tubes has several tube manufacturing lines that use HF (High Frequency) induction welding technology. The high quality standard of the products manufactured by GPT is the result of 30 years of experience and has recognised prestige both nationally and internationally.

Range of grades

Range of diameters and shapes


Gonvarri Precision Tubes is positioned as a leader in the hardened tube sector, due to the advanced technology used. Thanks to their electro-magnetic induction quenching facilities that provide a high degree of homogeneity to the product, GPT offers a tube that maintains excellent toughness with resistance greater than 1.400 MPa.


State of the art steel tubes

Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS) are the latest generation of steels that offer an effective solution to optimising weights and strength in most demanded parts and those with high requirements in shock energy absorption, especially in the automotive sector. Their cost is offset by the possibility of mass reduction, which makes them a technologically highly competitive solution.

Among the most remarkable grades we have: Dual Phase steels (DP), Complex Phase steels (CP), Martensitic steels (MS), TRIP, and TWIP.Multi-phase steels are used to make tubes and parts that are structurally involved in many high range vehicles that Gonvarri Precision Tubes markets worldwide.


Stress-deformation diagram in flat steel products

Main Figures Gonvarri Precision Tubes

Globla Presence

Gonvarri Precision Tubes has a team of more than 200 people distributed in 2 factories

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