Who we are

Gonvarri Precision Tubes is a business line belonging to Gonvarri Industries that manufactures high-precision carbon steel tubes and stainless steel tubes with the highest quality standards and the most advanced R&D.

Steel tubes

We have extensive experience in the tube industry, thus offering a wide range of products, from the manufacture of high-precision tubes in carbon and stainless steel, to saw blade and laser cut-to-size processes. We guarantee extraordinary surface quality and thickness regularity, an improvement of the mechanical characteristics conferred by elongated grains compared to equiaxed grains, and the manufacture of materials with reduced thickness tolerance.


We have a team of more than 200 people distributed in 2 factories from which we export tubes to 25 countries.


Gonvauto Asturias


Gonvarri Precision Tubes was born in 2018 after the purchase of Flinsa and its incorporation into the Gonvarri Industries structure as a new steel transformation business line.


Flinsa was officially founded in 1975 as a carbon-steel cold rolling plant. As cornerstone of the process, the company has had since the beginning a reversible 320 mm-wide cold rolling mill in four different heights, several slitting lines and bell annealing furnaces. In 1988, Flinsa took on the task of expanding their range of products thanks to the manufacture of high-frequency welded steel tubes. Among the reasons behind this decision, there is the fact that steel strips are the raw material for tube-making, and we had a huge technical experience in stripping for both the grades supplied by the steel industry and those we could manufacture in our rolling mill process.


The works for the new plant, doubling the size of the company, started.


Flinsa began the manufacture of our new range of stainless steel products, strips and tubes, under the Flinox® registered trademark, as well as laser cutting and drilling.


Gonvauto Asturias is established as a business unit focused on the automotive industry. As customer demands increased, in order to improve the quality and service of the old tube mills, Gonvarri Industries invested in state-of-the-art facilities to meet clients’ expectations and expand operations.


Flinsa became part of the Gonvarri group and, together with Gonvauto Asturias, the new Gonvarri Precision Tubes division was established.

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