We understand sustainability as a model of responsible management and a commitment to ethics, transparency, fairness, and collaboration with our stakeholders regardless of where we operate.

Executive Summary Sustainability Report 2020

Gonvarri Industries publishes its Sustainability Report 2020 in electronic format, presenting the main figures of the company in 2020 in a synthesized and visual way. The use of digital resources responds to the corporate commitment to Sustainability, Climate Change and digitalization.

Carbon Neutral

Being a carbon neutral company means being part of an important commitment in the fight against climate change, assuming a series of actions that promote and contribute to mitigate its impact.

Carbon Neutral is the project with which the company aims to meet the demands of the current market and its stakeholders, especially those coming from its main customers, and to achieve the ultimate goal of “being carbon neutral” in two key periods: 2030 and 2050.

At Gonvarri Precision Tubes we join efforts to achieve the corporate objectives to reduce the carbon footprint as a consequence of our steel transformation processes.

Sustainable growth

Our business is based on the concept of manufacturing, processing and trading in steel products and metals related to the iron and steel industries, with special emphasis on sustainable growth and profitability.

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