Additional processes

At Gonvarri Precision Tubes we are committed to offering our clients a comprehensive service, delivering the final part according to the specifications of each project.

Saw blade cutting

We carry out saw blade cut-to-length operations, offering an integrated service to our clients.

Our state-of-the-art cutting processes cover different degrees of tolerances, lengths, thicknesses and diameters, to provide our clients with global solutions adapted to their needs.

Circular saw blade cutting

Laser cutting and drilling

We help our clients to grow in their projects thanks to our laser cutting and drilling process.

We offer high quality standards as a result of our extensive experience at a national and international level, providing great added value to our products.


Laser cutting and drilling

Quenched Tubes

Induction quenching is based on the material heating while passing through a high strength variable magnetic flield. Heating penetration depends on working frequency. An accurate control on it ensures a perfect quenching homogeneity in the entire section. The use of Mn-B alloy steel grades, guarantees a high level of impact energy absorption, essential value property in some pieces like side impart beams.

Product ranges

Deformation processes

We apply deformations in the tubes, either by reductions/expansions at the tube ends, or using dies and presses to directly supply to the assembly plant, without the need for additional processing.

Cold deformation pressing section, specially developed for sagging and other deformation of cross car beams and other parts.

Deformations on demand

Own-manufactured rolled strips

Despite the good tolerances currently achieved by the most advanced steel mills in hot-rolled steels, there are numerous applications where the requirements of high dimensional precision are paramount to obtain conforming parts, which is why they require more precise tolerances.

Gonvarri Precision Tubes offers recalibration processes for strips up to 6 mm thick in our rolling facilities, where our technology allows the following precision ranges to be guaranteed.

Precision ranges

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