Sustainable growth

At Gonvarri we see sustainability not only as a model of business management and ethical commitment, but as well as one of transparency, fairness, and collaboration with our interest groups, regardless of where we operate.

Sustainable business

To fully understand our company we need to analyze its efficiency and profitability in each one of its dimensions. Only in this way can we guarantee our sustainability and our future.

Sustainable growth

Our business is based on the concept of manufacturing, processing and trading in steel products and metals related to the iron and steel industries, with special emphasis on sustainable growth and profitability.

We work to grow as a solid and responsible company, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and the Human Rights and in compliance with the highest quality, environmental and safety standards, with the aim of strengthening relations with our stakeholders. The Sustainability Policy establishes a global reference framework that includes our main commitments.

Based on our values of Honesty, Humility, Tenacity and Work, at Gonvarri Industries we have had for years an Integrated Management Policy that effectively guides our daily performance.

We are proud that, more than a simple declaration of intentions, this Policy is today a real contract with each and every one of our stakeholders, impregnating our day by day and becoming the key piece that sustains all our effort towards Excellence.

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