At Gonvarri Precision Tubes, everything revolves around the automotive industry, which is why most of the cars that travel around our roads today include tubes manufactured in our plants.

Precision applications

Our objective is to make the daily work of our clients easier. We make all our technology available to you with the aim of meeting the high quality requirements of the automotive industry through state-of-the-art materials, mechanical and dimensional properties, tube cutting and drilling processes, as well as deformations on demand.

Wide range of products

Our tubular products are intended for:



Special grades

In our permanent objective of providing important technological improvements, the company as a whole is focused on R&D activities to develop new solutions and products.

“Normal” and “Extraductile” products are shown as a solution, given the perception that DP materials intended for headrests cause difficulties in the processes due to their limited plasticity.

These are the fruit of years of experience added to a lot of research, and thanks to the close and constructive collaboration we have with steel manufacturers. These products always exceed regulatory requirements.

Extraductile – E600HRF-ED

The Extraductile tube allows double bending with close bends and lower bending radii. The deformation and wall reduction are lower.
The surface finishing maintains its quality. This means less wear on the tools and it behaves better when deforming it.

Normal – E600 HRF

The Normal tube allows a bending of the tube with a medium radius and a minimum deformation, maintaining the quality of surface finishing and enough wall thickness.

Range of products

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Global Presence

Gonvarri Precision Tubes has a team of more than 200 people distributed in 2 factories

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