Stainless steel tubes

We manufacture tubes of any section: circular, square, oval or rectangular, as well as special shapes made specifically to meet the most demanding needs of our clients.

Wide range

We apply state-of-the-art laser welding with minimal thermal effects and we have tube-cutting processes by saw blade with the ability to apply 100 % control to the length of the tube.

Tubular products and surface finishing

Round products and dimensional tolerances

Square and rectangular products and dimensional tolerances


Experience and knowledge

We offer a wide range of tubular products made of ferritic, austenitic and duplex steels and welded using laser technology, which includes round tubes (EN 10269-2) with a diameter between 25 and 104 mm and their derivative square and rectangular shapes (EN 10305-5).

The markets to which our stainless products are destined include the automotive industry, construction (structural and decorative elements), urban and metallic furniture, the food and the pharmaceutical sectors, etc. Within the automotive sector, we focus on pipes for exhaust systems.

Main Figures Gonvarri Precision Tubes

Global Presence

Gonvarri Precision Tubes has a team of more than 200 people distributed in 2 factories

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